Intermittent Fasting, this is not a diet

With the myriad of diets out there promising quick and sustainable results, Intermittent Fasting is the one that intrigues me most. Its premise that it is less a diet but more of a lifestyle and while still allowing you to consume the foods that you enjoy but gives a timeframe in which to eat (healthy) within set time periods, seems promising. The results promise a healthy and sustainable weight loss, in addition to aiding in decreasing the likelihood of chronic disease. Further, there isn’t one full proof method in achieving results with this plan. There are 3 practices which can be customized to your lifestyle: The 16/8 method, also known as Leangains which restricts your eating to a period of 8 hours while fasting for a total of 16 hours Eat Stop Eat, once or twice a week fast for a 24 hour period between meals 5:2 diet, where you eat between 500-600 calories on any two non-consecutive days during the week while consuming your normal diet on the other days of the week

*important note: the consumption of water throughout both period of eating and fasting is key, don’t skip. Black coffee, no sugar, milk or cream is also allowed during fasting for those of us who cannot forgo our daily caffeine intake.

So I think I’ll give this a try and see how it goes.

Thanksgiving on Anthem of the Seas

I spent Thanksgiving week sailing Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas. This 8 night itinerary sailed from Cape Liberty (Bayonne), New Jersey and visited ports of call Port Canaveral, Florida, Nassau, Bahamas and Royal’s privately owned Bahamian island Cococay.

Anthem docked at Cape Liberty, Bayonne, New Jersey
Ship art
Superior Oceanview with Balcony cabin

Sitting area
Two70 seating
Vintages Wine Bar
Bionic Bar
Robotic bartenders at work
Specialty restaurant Wonderland…
…this way

Enjoy live music at the Music Hall

Go way up in the North Star, which offers a 360 view of the ship and the ocean
Get your mark, set, go! Bumper cars is a fun sea day activity offered on Anthem

Worked up an appetite after Bumper cars? Stop over by the SeaPlex Dog House for your choice of the classic Coney Island hotdog, the Smokehouse (described as Bratwurst) or the German

Busy port day. In port with the Anthem on our stop in Nassau were the Enchantment of the Seas, Carnival’s Freedom and NCL’s Sky
A few pictures from our day at the Kennedy Space Center


Seoul Fresh

During a recent trip to Indianapolis, I stopped by the Circle Center (49 Maryland St W, Indianapolis, IN) to grab a few items I’d forgotten to pack. I normally bypass mall Food Courts as the typical offerings usually don’t appeal to me, but I saw the bright lights of Seoul Fresh and its open grill and I decided to give it a try. This turned out to be a huge win for me, Bulgogi Asada bowl (spicy sliced marinated beef, julienned veggies over rice with “magic sauce”) was packed with flavor and such a refreshing change from the usual mall food fare.

And at just $9.00 (small bowl), it’s an affordable and healthy option.